Sitecore Powershell: How to create a list of renderings in use

During planning of a large migration for a customer, we needed to know what components was actually in use on certain types of pages. I chose to use Sitecore Powershell Extensions to extract that data.

You can find Sitecore Powershell Extensions here:

Sitecore Powershell script to list Renderings

The components mentioned above was included on “article” pages through renderings, so what I needed to was create a script that looped through all pages of template type “article” and picked out all the items in “final renderings”.

I wanted to output this to a comma separated file where its easy to filter and sort on the data on the fly in excel.

Here is the script I ended up with:

write-host 'Running script...'
Set-Location master:\content #this was nessesary in my case, because the original "home" item was deleted and SPE had a bug (now fixed)
$pages = get-item master:\content\MySite\articles | get-childitem -Recurse | where-object { $_.TemplateName -match "Article" }
$device = Get-LayoutDevice -Default
$Results = @();
$DataPath = "C:\MySite\ComponentsInUse.csv"

foreach($page in $pages){

    $renderings = Get-Rendering -Item $page -Device $device -FinalLayout

    foreach($rendering in $renderings){

        if($rendering.ItemID -ne $null)
            $renderingItem = Get-Item master: -ID $rendering.ItemID
            if($renderingItem -ne $null)
                $Properties = @{
                    RenderingItemName = $renderingItem.Name
                    RenderingItemID = $renderingItem.ID
                    RenderingItemPath = $renderingItem.Paths.Path
                    UsedOnPage = $page.Name
                    UsedOnPageID = $page.ID
                    UsedOnPagePath = $page.Paths.Path

                $Results += New-Object psobject -Property $Properties


$Results | Select-Object RenderingItemName,RenderingItemID,RenderingItemPath,UsedOnPage,UsedOnPageID,UsedOnPagePath | Export-Csv -notypeinformation -Path $DataPath

write-host 'Script ended'

Useful Sitecore Powershell Extensions links

You can find a lot more useful Sitecore Powershell Extensions information on Adam Najmanowicz blog:

Thanks to Bill Dinger for this post:

  1. Sridhar said:

    Accidentally came across a link to this post on twitter just when our client asked us to do something like this. This is perfect, Thanks!

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