The item “/sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/WebEdit Texts” was not found.

Sitecore error: The item “/sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/WebEdit Texts” was not found. It may have been deleted by another user.

This is one of the more difficult errors I have had to pinpoint, so I hope this blogpost will help whoever might experience the same issue. Below is a screenshot of the error I got:

Webedit text not found

The stacktrace of the error

The above error message was suddenly starting to get thrown from Sitecore out of the blue, everytime I tried to edit a page in the experience editor.

I had not edited any code even remotely related to this and the item that is mentioned in the error message, was there. And everything was still working for the other members of my team. The error seemed to be isolated to my local enviroment.

After rebuilding the solution, rebuilding indexes, checking all of the code mentioned in the stacktrace, deleting everything and starting over, copying a solution from a collegue, checking .NET versions, IIS settings, etc. I was quite at a loss of what to do.


Chrome’s caching seems to be the culprit

A collegue suggested trying a different browser, than the Chrome I always use, even though this clearly is a serverside error, right?! I fired up firefox, and everything worked fine… So the error was localized to Chrome. I then deleted all the cache from Chrome, and the error disappeared.

Too much caching...

Grumpy cat goes smashing

The conclusion of all this shenanigans seems to be that Chrome’s caching algoritms might be too aggressive when using the Experience Editor.

Clear your browser cache!


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