Sitecore device detection does not work? – Then check this setting

Lately I have been implementing an integration from Sitecore to Axapta to show and create membership data for a client we have at Pentia. The client had their Sitecore site developed by a different consulting firm and they didn’t do a very good job. Hence the client asked us to take over, sort it out and create the Axapta integration into the existing site. It is always a challenge to take over a site developed by someone with a different approach to standards, quality and software development as a whole. Often times you find bits a peaces where you go ‘wtf where they thinking?’…

Setting up a different device to return ajax in Sitecore

Anyway, I had a page displaying a searchresult with a “Show more” button at the bottom. This button did an ajax call to the same url, adding, amongst others, an “ajax=1” query parameter. I then had setup an ‘ajax’ device in Sitecore that picked up that parameter.

Ajax device

Setting up the ajax device. not the querystring parameter


Then I setup a layout with no other content that a contentregion and connected that to the item containing the searchresult. On the searchresult item there’s a ajax-returning control tied up on the ajax device.

Item setup for ajax

Item setup for ajax

This is a method I have used before and it works fine. Only, it didn’t on this site. Here it didn’t return ajax, it returned the entire page again, on the standard layout.

Check your web.config

I spent some time figuring out what was going on here. It seemed that Sitecore did not at all pickup on the querystring and didn’t change the layout. I spoke to my colleague Alan Coates who suggested to write a pipeline processor for debugging the device detection in the “httpRequestBegin” pipeline. Something he did a number of times, on other projects which we took over from other consultant firms. He promised to write a blogpost about it, which I will link to when ready.

Instead I went back to the solution in visual studio and starting searching for device related settings and properties. In the web.config, I found a “device” setting in the website node which was set to the device that it kept returning:

Sitecore Device setting overrides detection

Sitecore Device setting overrides detection



It turns out that this setting overrides Sitecores automatic device detection. After removing this setting, everything works as intended.



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